Making Your Offer in a Forum Based Marketplace

In an Internet Marketing Forum, all people want to display their superior copywriting skills while composing a special offer. I have listed some tips for you to follow while posting your ad in a forum based market place.

Do not try to overdo the title – if your offer cannot be understood, there are high chances of you losing out. They should be directed to your sales page and the offer copy should be short and pin pointed.

Apart from the headline, actual copy and payment method, you need to ensure the inclusion of the following:

Rights – What are the rights to be included (use these in the zip file too!)?

Guarantee – Will you guarantee refund? You better, especially if you are new.

Delivery Terms – Enlist the timeframes and if they are manual or automatic.

Support – Does your offer allot any support, installation or other such help?

Upgrades – To be included or served as extra?

Reviews – Did you get 5 to 10 members to review your offer before? 

Some forums allow the members to post their ads related to their product / service for free. But there are many forums such as warrior forum that asks for a small fee of $20 to post the ad.

Also, price your products or services properly. It is better if you charge a special price at the forums which will definitely attract more customers towards your products or services.

As a matter of fact, in some forums , it is mandatory to charge a discount price compared to what is being charged to the general public. This is because more people to go to buy in some particular forum based marketplaces since they know that they are going to find quality products a low price in those market places.

By asking for a lower price, you will definitely have higher chances of making sales.

Remember, I talked of over delivery earlier. A good way to over deliver is you can charge for one product and give 2 quality products to the buyers. Or you can add 5 valuable E-books that will be of great use to your customers or you can also, use the technique , buy 1 and get 1 free technique to attract more customers.

Many experienced marketers create an urgency in their products or services by restricting their number clients or by restricting the period of the offer. So, if you have a product or service, that you are confident of , you too can create exigency by placing certain limitations.


Spend some time in posting your ad and trust me, it’s worth every penny or second that you invest. Owing to the large number of traffic flow to the popular Internet Marketing forums, not only your products or services but also you are going to get some good exposure. That is why I repeatedly kept focusing on the importance of a QUALITY product and the value of a well crafted offer.

Remember, a forum based marketplace has every power to make or break your online business.

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