Monetize your Blog

Monetize Your Blog Today, It is Easier Than You Think

If you are looking at transforming your blog traffic into income then follow the five tips here and you will be able to instantly monetize your blog. If you can create a product, or display some ads, you should be able to start making money from all your efforts.

1. Products: Products are a great way to monetize your blog. If you have a loyal community they will be open to purchasing from you. You could easily use a site like CafePress to create just about any physical product you want. This is especially effective if your blog has morphed into it’s own brand.

Besides physical products you can also create your own eProducts. You could create your own eBook and sell it on your site. If it is enticing to your current web traffic you could sell hundreds of these books with little effort and marketing. Anything you can think of can be a product.

2. Lead Capture: This isn’t an instant monetization but it can have far reaching benefits. If you capture the emails of people who are visiting your site you will be building a “list”. You can keep a running dialogue with these people and when you do have an offer to sell, you will have a list of warm leads. What salesperson wouldn’t kill for that? You just need an autoresponder service (like Aweber) and an offer that people will want to give their email to get. Overkill the value here – offer something you feel like you should be charging for.

3. Members Area: If you have a ton of traffic you can also create a premium members area. This would be best for helpful blogs. If you had a blog about WordPress tips, you could keep your premium tips, advanced code, and offer support in a paid members area. If your blog is powered by WordPress (it should be) there are free plugins that will give you this capability.

4. Adsense: Adsense might not make you a rich man, but it can be a nice boost to your income. You can choose to display Google ads on your site and whenever they get clicked you get paid. Google ads will display ads based on your content and some content is worth more than others. One downside is you have to be really careful how you display your ads, because Google has strict requirements. You probably won’t make a killing, but a couple bucks a day (or more) is entirely possible. There are also a ton of other similar Pay Per Click advertising opportunities out there,just do a Google search to learn more.

5. Donation: I saved this to the end because I personally do not like it. If you want though you can easily add a donation box to your blog. These boxes usually have you the blog owner asking for a donation, or for your guests to buy you a beer, or coffee, or etc… Much like everything else, you can add this through a WordPress plugin. To me it seems kind of like electronic pan handling, but that is my own personal bias. If you offer a helpful blog, then asking for a donation may not be that bad.

There are many ways to monetize your blogs, and I just showed you five quick tips. if you put even a couple of these tips into place you will be ahead of most people. You spend your time blogging faithfully, it is time to get something back. Monetize your blog today and get what you deserve.

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