How Flash Lite Could Change The Advertising Landscape

When most people think of advertising, they tend to think in more traditional terms of the word. This is natural, given that technology has advanced very rapidly in the past ten years, and most people can’t keep up with it as much as they’d like. While this technological advance has been going on, however, some things have remained constant in the world of advertising. Television ads and radio ads, for example, have remained as a staple of advertising throughout all the technological upheaval that the last twenty years have been. Aside from film and video quality getting better, the actual tenants of the advertising itself have been the same.

However, when it comes to mobile marketing, it’s more important than ever to think outside of the box; given how new all the technology is that surrounds these devices. When people think “mobile marketing,” they often spend a lot of time wondering the best ways to convert traditional means of advertising onto a mobile format. While this certainly has its place and has been done with great gusto – the upswing in mobile commercials is proof enough of that – there are other ways to advertise specifically to mobile phones that don’t translate over into other devices.

Flash Lite content advertising is one way of doing just that. You might be familiar with the program Flash that creates animations for computers – Flash Lite is the mobile form of this art. What many companies are finding great success in is using Flash Lite to create animated wallpapers and screensavers for mobile devices and using these to market their products and services.

Flash Lite content advertising is a great place for startups to begin if they’d like to make a foray into mobile advertising but don’t have millions of dollars to spend on some of the more complex ways of doing so. A Flash Lite animation might cost a couple hundred dollars to produce, but then can be handed out to customers over and over again. Most who work with Flash Lite content advertising say that it’s one of the most cost-effective versions of mobile marketing that is available right now.

Also, consumers are much more likely to enjoy having animated background on their mobile phones as compared to their desktop or laptop computers. Cell phones are still seen more as entertainment devices as anything else and consumers are more forgiving toward devices and apps that might be seen as “distracting” by computer users.

So in the event that you are a startup company looking to enter into mobile marketing but you don’t have a limitless budget, consider looking into Flash Lite advertising. It’s a great place to start with mobile marketing that won’t break your wallet.

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